Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Its me - Achsah

I write under the pseudo name of Achsah to maintain anonymity. I have been reading a lot about FIRE movement and wanted to embark on this journey myself and what better way to keep myself accountable than start a blog.

I am 36+ now, happily married, single income and one kid. I consider myself asset rich (few inheritance expected, so hopefully will have some physical assets) but when I calculate the cash flow that I would get, it is next to nothing. And being an Indian, I am averse to selling assets to increase my cash flow. Hence the journey to FI.

I do have a full time job which provides me average Indian salary but there is no job security whatsoever. I hope my job situation turns out to be "Nithya kandam and poorana aayusu" :)

My goals primarily are to provide for my kids education, kids wedding (I know typical Indian mentality), a dream house and our retirement.

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