Friday, 10 August 2018

July 2018 update

Posting after a long time. Life has been good so far. I was able to make two part prepayments so far, one in May and another in June. Received my variable pay in June and put the entire money towards prepaying my home loan. At this rate, I am all set to prepay this loan by the end of the year.

May was a good month with a wedding that I spoke about. Enjoyed a lot and got closer to family. Did not take any vacation as we generally do not go out during summer.

June was again a good month. Received variable pay and it was more than what I had expected.  School started, my refrigerator broke down. Had to buy a new one immediately and so some unexpected expenses there. But other that it was ok.

July was a month where I put my expenses in check. Booked hotel accommodation for a trip planned in August. Got a good deal on hotel booking through make my trip.  Also got couple of jeans from Levis on sale. Few gifts here and there but I don't want to be counting pennies in gift giving.

Give me also springs of water!

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