Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Small Wins

A quick update on how we are doing

Direct MF

Somewhere towards the end of last month converted the last of my regular MF units to Direct MF units. No more paying commission to some random company. I was not aware of direct MF when I started my investment journey, so gave my account opening form to my bank (convenience since being a salary account a bank representative will visit our office often) instead of directly sending to AMC and they promptly added their broker code.


I have a wedding to attend this month and generally we would have driven there. But the new me calculated the costs and it came to around 7000 Rs. So checked train options. Given it is November and winter/rainy season here, and the wedding being on a week day, promptly booked sleeper class thereby paying only around 1000 Rs. Its been a long time since I traveled in sleeper class. Hope there are no major inconvenience and we will be able to use more of this cheap mode of transport.

Emergency Fund

My emergency fund is back on track, thanks to the money that I got by selling my old car. I have put it in a regular sweep in bank FD, so it is easily available.

Yet to do

Close my Jeevan Saral LIC policy and use that money to prepay part of my Home loan.

Give me also Springs of water!

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