Sunday, 21 January 2018

December status update

December was a month where our expenses sky rocketed and I lost all control. This being Christmas month and we also travelled to our native by car and gifts to give to people we visited there, our expenses were way too much. Hopefully I can make it up in 2018.

Some learnings - I had some old jewellery that I never wear. I am of the firm belief that even though money and investments are important, we should also enjoy life while we can. So decided to exchange it but then realised, I was going to loose almost  30% of its value interms of wastage in the old and new jewellery. The old jewels were not bought from a shop but were made by goldsmith, so the shops were asking for wastage for the old jewellery also. I did not rush into exchanging but did some shopping around and then exchanged for BIS hallmark jewellery. Lesson learnt. Also I made sure I did not pay any cash and only got jewels that can be obtained with the exchanged gold.  Have been using the new jewels a lot and love them so I consider it as a fair deal. Atleast I wear them and enjoy them.

Give me also springs of water!

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