Wednesday, 25 April 2018

March 2018 update

Made another payment towards my home loan. This was with my savings in Feb and March and some money from the FDs that I had. Overall I am happy. My principle outstanding is in 6 digits now. Hurray. And my net worth just entered 7 digits. I do not count my home equity in net worth. Since as an Indian I do not think I will sell my apartment. So it doesn't really make sense to include it.

The deaths that I mentioned in my Feb update has made me to take a look at life with a whole new perspective. Now I do not have anyone with whom I do not talk. Which is great.

With my husband starting his contractor job life has been pretty hectic. We sometimes skip cooking and have takeaways which is bad for the budget and health. Have to reduce that.

Remember I spoke about my broken phone last year? Finally got a new phone. Again peer pressure, since the display of my old phone had developed cracks and couple of people in family and work questioned about it.

Give me also springs of water!

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