Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Financial Mistake #2

This is a mistake which I realized very recently and I am still working at correcting it. And it is related to my mobile payments. I was having a airtel post paid connection for the past 10+ years and I must have at a minimum paid them upwards of 70,000INR during that time. Last year when Jio was introduced in India, I hesitated initially and then finally got additional Jio connection in Dec 2016. Still I held on to my airtel post paid connection. Then I realized I was not using Airtel data and called airtel support sometime in February to remove data from my plan.

Still continued with my Airtel post paid and then sometime in May converted my post paid to pre paid and then started making calls through Jio. I had to retain airtel as I have been using it as my primary number for more than 10 years and all my records are linked to it.

Then one fine day this week, on my way to work, my manager calls me in my airtel and asks me to conference one of our colleagues while he adds another person to the call. Now this call went on for a hour and most my airtel prepaid balance was wiped out at 60p/min. So I reach office and search for plans and find at 13 Rs for 28 days , I can change this 60p/min to 10p/min which is a real deal. So I immediately add this rate cutter.

After this, I have asked my husband also to move to airtel pre paid. Between us, we should be able to reduce our phone bills by half.

So my lesson learnt is look at all the money outgo and see if there is a better deal around. You never know!

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