Wednesday, 11 October 2017

October 2017 update

I have not made much progress in the last couple of months in terms of net worth. I need to keep myself accountable and so planning to update the blog more frequently as that would give me the much needed boost to keep up my frugal living.

I have taken a car lease from my company. But did I need it?

First the why No?

1. I am still not FI.
2. I have no job security.
3. Ours is a single income family as of now.
4. I still have 5 years in my home loan.
5. I can use ola/uber as needed
6. Car lease is a 4 years liability

Now for the Why Not?

1. I used to drive when I was in the US. But have never had the confidence to drive in Indian roads. So I wanted to get a automatic car and start practicing slowly, to get myself confident. Our previous car was a manual one.
2. My husband may move out of country if he gets a job and I want to be independent should that happen.
3. Wanted to try driving even when my husband is here, so he can help me.
4. We go out late in the night sometimes and getting a cab is difficult at that time.
5. I am already 36 and if I do not start driving now, I may never learn to drive.
6. Car lease gives me tax advantage and I also will get a  10K gift voucher.

I am still waiting for the car to be delivered, so once that happens will update how I am doing wrt my driving.

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