Saturday, 17 March 2018

February 2018 status update

Short month. My husband landed a contract job this month. I am so thankful to God for this job. Even though it is for six months only, I see it as a glimmer of hope in my home loan repayment journey.

Had an engagement to attend out of station and tickets to book for another engagement in April. Travelled by sleeper class in Feb and booked sleeper class ticket for April as well. But then realised it may not work out in April, since we will be travelling with our relatives. Call it peer pressure but I gave in and cancelled my sleeper class and booked third a/c. Lost some money in ticket cancellation.

Other than this messed up ticket booking, managed to keep expenses in check.

Emotionally it was a roller coaster month. One of my schoolmate and his elder daughter died in a two wheeler accident and his wife was hospitalized in critical condition and finally passed away in March. They are survived by a little 3 year old angel who does not even realise what has happened. Was heart broken.

One of my office mate had a personal problem with her husband and was on the verge of issuing a divorce notice but finally the problems were all sorted out and they are back to living together.

Life is not just money and God is sovereign and we can never question him. We all run each day with hope but ultimately it is God's will that prevails. That doesn't give us an excuse to live a life without care or planning for future and so my journey in getting my house in order continues.

Give me also springs of water!

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